Secret Egg Stash

I found thirteen eggs under the coop.

All Winter long I was getting three to five eggs a day from the chickens.

When Spring arrived, I started getting a full seven eggs a day.

Then suddenly last week, I was finding only two eggs a day.

I figured the chickens were just laying their eggs somewhere other than the designated nesting boxes. It’s happened before: in the far back corner of the coop and in the leaf bin. Now that the birds have free range of the garden from sun up to sun down, there’s numerous potential places. But I’ll be darned if I could find the eggs.

Tonight when I went down to close up the chickens, I saw an egg poking out from under the coop. When I took a look with the flashlight, I found thirteen eggs piled up in the gravel.

I have no idea why the chickens decided to start laying here.

I also have no idea why I didn’t check under the coop sooner. The chickens regularly scoot under the coop to get out of the sun, to take dust baths, and to hide from the occasional attacking raptor. Apparently it’s a preferred meeting place.

I think they can find a better location to lay their eggs. Like the designated nesting boxes.

We’re going to work on this.

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