Got Workshop?

Here’s some fun DIY math. Add together the following:

• 300 sq feet of dirt floor
• 7 inches deep
• 6.5 tons of crusher-run gravel
• 2.2 tons of sand
• 80 24x24x2 concrete pavers
• 2 months

What do you get?

1 workshop floor

Of course, the satisfaction of completing this particular project is way beyond the calculations of any formula.

Yes, it feels great to have built something like this myself. To know that I created something from nothing with my own hands and brain. To have learned new skills and acquired new experiences.

But the real satisfaction comes from just being done. Holy crap! Two months?

Now I can get working on other projects that have been waiting and wanting for my attention. I can keep the homestead moving forward.

And the real truth to this statement might be so obvious as to miss it: having a comfortable space in which to work on, store and stage projects (regardless of time or weather) will make each and every project – planned or not – so much easier.

The excitement to get started on the “glory projects” around the homestead made me blind to this. These projects became more complicated and time-consuming because I didn’t have a real workspace.

The first thing any homesteader should do is set up a quality workshop.

Oh, well. Rookie mistake.

Who wants to build some workbenches?

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